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ENGLISH leaves, 1536-1791.  LATIN mss, c.1200-1275.

Latin mss c.1200-1275.  GreekEnglish leaves.

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Very Special premium leaves and MSS.

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EnglishLatin & German leaves 1475-1791.

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Display your Portfolio on a cast-iron easel. In two sizes, 12" and 16" tall.

All original leaves and manuscripts! Call or text: 541-990-9919.

Guaranteed Originals! Owning (in trust, of course) a rare Bible, Manuscript, or Leaf participates in the ongoing preservation and retelling of God's written Word. Rare Bibles and Bible leaves in English, Latin, Greek, German, etc. Original leaves by Tyndale, Coverdale, Luther, Erasmus, and many others.

Rare and Antique Bibles, Bible Leaves, and Illuminated Manuscripts -- dated from circa 1200 to 1700. Premium selections! CALL 541-990-9919 for specific verses and inventory options.

Manuscripts and Leaves vary in size, and are set in museum-quality Portfolios or Booklets. Each item is unique -- see the close-up pics! QUESTIONS? Call ot Text 541-990-9919. I guarantee as original every Rare Bible, Manuscript or Leaf on this site, and affix my signature and seal to each COA. Inventory is temperature and humidity controlled.

Antique Bible Leaves and Manuscripts are preserved in the finest archival materials (linen, silk, archival sleeves), eliminating the high cost of framing  and saving $150-$350. CLICK onto "Bifold Portfolio" or "Trifold Portfolio" or "Archival Booklets" -- then SEARCH the pull-down menu for a particular BIBLE/DATE. Special leaves or leaf-sets are under "Super Portfolios" or "Books of the Bible" or "Exceptional Items". For lower-cost Items, CLICK onto the "$39 or Less" category.

Handmade archival Portfolios are made of cambric linen cloth, silk moire, and crystal clear archival sleeves as recommended by the Library of Congress. Archival Booklets, for leaves over 13" tall, are made of very heavy cambric paper stock, cambric cloth binding, and the higest quality archival sleeves for preserving the leaf. 

A client once wrote me, unsolicited: "I was an antique print dealer for twenty years and have done business with a great many others in the same business. The Portfolio that houses the leaf I purchased from you is the most professional presentation I have ever seen. Thank you!" M.G.

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it is written . . .

Single leaf (our choice) from several different Bibles (your choice). With signed, gold-seal COA on premium certificate paper; no photocopies!

About Historic Bibles

Hello! My name is Bruce T. Martin. While attending seminary in the 1970's, and working in the library, little did I know the historic value of the books contained in the older "stacks." Antique Bibles were cherished for the legacy they conveyed to communities of faith. My doctoral work in interreligious dialogue (Th.D., 1992) showed how important it is to maintain the integrity of the written word throughout the ages. Although the Gospel is not a written text but the sure promise of a living person (Jesus), its proclamation of the "forgiveness of sins" in the Bible drove me to preserve Rare Bibles, Bible Leaves and Bible Manuscripts in such a way that being a "temporary custodian" of these texts would bring godly joy to future generations.

Since many rare, historic Bible leaves are not in English (pre-1550 leaves are usually in Latin), I have made them more user-friendly by providing English translations of significant verses wherever possible. Such translations are written directly onto the COA, enhancing the usefulness of these rare Bible leaves and manuscripts. In addition, I have preserved them without resorting to expensive framing. Our proprietary, hand-made Archival Portfolios and Archival Booklets contain the finest conservation materials as recommended by the Library of Congress.

In order to display these rare historic Bible leaves and manuscripts archivally, I created museum-quality Portfolios in several formats, so that the leaves are easily reversible. Our Archival Display Booklets are also designed so that the leaves are easily reversible. These are archival innovations not available anywhere else! Portfolios can stand open on a desk or table, by itself or on a Display Easel, or folded like a book to protect them from UV light.

By the finger of God

About 3,000 years ago, the Creator of the universe spoke to us through words written "by the finger of God" (Deut. 9:10). Prior to printing, the Bible was written by hand, on papyrus or parchment, often taking years to produce a single copy. Despite the cost, Bibles were as artistic as they were exacting, and many stunning illuminated texts survive. With the advent of printing in 1454, the Bible became available to the laity and hastened the Reformation and the Renaissance. To preserve for posterity a rare leaf or manuscript from an historic Bible is thus to be connected to the ongoing creativity of God's word.

From early on, Christians held on to fragments of older copies of the Bible. Jews, on the other hand, meticulously copied from worn-out copies and then respectfully disposed of the older copies. Either way, the "preservation and presentation of rare historic Bible leaves and manuscripts" is one link in that great chain of witnesses to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The motto on each portfolio reads: Verbum Dei Manet Aeternum ("The Word of God Remains Forever"), from Isaiah 40:8 and 1 Peter 1:25. I started Historic Bibles, inc. on this solid foundation, as a way of bringing the historically bound written Word into homes and offices. God uses created things, such as the spoken word and Bible fragments, in order to be heard: "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" (Mark 4:9 par.)