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Although we specialize in Bible leaves, occasionally we offer complete Bibles that are either rare or historically significant. In general, we try to restrict our Bibles (and leaves) to those published no later than 1640. Please contact us is you wish to place your Bible on consignment. Call 541-990-9919.

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King James


  Bibles $5,500.00
  1613/1612 Bible (King James). V.RARE. Printed in London by Robert Barker, 1613, 1612. Ref: Herbert 320 (identifying 1613/1612 as a separate edition); Roman type. General Title, 1613. OT text virtually identical to the 1612 ed. NT Title and colophon, 1612. Ruth 3:15 reads "she" in this edition. Includes: Complete genealogies, General Title, Dedication, To the Reader, OT, NT Title, NT, Book of Psalms in English Meeter (d.1612), Forme of Prayer for Morning and Evening, Tables. First few leaves before the Biblical text frayed somewhat to outer edges. First 7p of Genealogies (A1-B3, of 17pp) inserted from another 1613 ed. being 1/2"-3/4" shorter than the others. Else complete. General title torn an inch or so to upper corner. Original leather covers, debossed center design w. fleurs-de-lis; spine dated 1613. One clasp remaining on front cover. Binding tight; a very few leaves cut or torn at outer edges. Marginal tears repaired here and there. Very readable in Roman letter type. RARE edition of the early 1613/1612 KJ text. Compare at $7500+.  
  9.2" x 7" x 3"
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Greek NT


  Bibles $1,750.00
  1633 GREEK NEW TESTAMENT. Printed by Guilielmum Blaeu in Amsterdam, 1633. 32 mo. V.RARE. FIRST AND ONLY EDITION. Complete w. original engraved title. Pagination: Blank, blank, Title, 454pp, [vi], 1p notes in Greek, blank, blank. 6p of Tables follow the text. Reference: D&M 4681. Delaveau & Hillard 3719. Original full calf black morocco, period design w. gilt debossing, designs and double line border front and back; 4 raised bands on spine also w. gilt; "NOV.TEST. GRAECUM" and "1633" (tho brightness of pics obsecures the letters); gilted edges. Marbled endpapers. Unglossed. Orig. owner's plate to marbled endpages: "Colonel Cooper"; Ex Libris plate: "Markree Library, Shelf 4, Block L, re-arranged in 1913 by Bryan Cooper". Col. [William] Cooper was given Markree Castle in Sligo, Ireland by Oliver Cromwell, c1650, for services rendered. Unmarked text, clean impression, closely cut in a few places at outer margin. None listed on ESTC. Compare at $3,000 w/o provenance. This copy: original provenance, clean text, tight and secure, complete w. title and original binding.  
  4.2" x 2.25" x .9"
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Greek NT


  Bibles $745.00
  GREEK NEW TESTAMENT, 1628/1629. Printed in Sedan by Johann Jannon, 1628/1629. The one and only printing of this NT, the smallest Greek NT printed without intending to be a "miniature." Reproduces the first Elzevir text of 1624. FINE condition. Original full calf w. 3 raised bands to spine; somewhat chipped at top of spine. Blind-tooled leather; gilted edges. Text clean, tight, and unmarked; a few leaves cropped at top margin. First title missing; second title present on colophon. Comes with an older casing. Compare at $1,500+.  
  3.25" x 2.2" x .8"
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Martin Luther


  Bibles $1,450.00
  1787 New Testament, German, printed in Germantown by Michael Billmeyer, 1787. RARE FIRST EDITION. Complete, 537 [5] p. Ref: Arndt & Eck 673. Very readable. Lightly soiled throughout; final index pages tattered. Handwritten notes Title (recto). Fine leather binding, modest tooling w. 5 raised bands, with working clasps of brass and leather (rare with this ed). Text is tight, except final blank leaf, with handwritten notes or doodles, detached. A fine copy of this first edition from presses once belonging to the Sauer family of printers. Compare at $2000.  
  7" x 4" x 1.5"
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Biblia Latina


  Bibles $1,750.00
  1484 GOSPEL OF JOHN. JOHN 1-21 (whole Gospel of John + partial Prologue to Letters of Paul). "In the beginning was the Word" (1:1). Printed in Venice by Johann Herbort, de Seligenstadt, April 30, 1484. Reference: Goff B580. Eight (8) leaves nicely bound in 3/4 leather w. title to the Gospel; hand-made end papers. 22 Hand-painted initials in RED & BLUE. First leaf containing Ch 1-3 comes from an identical Bible as the other 7 leaves, tho slightly smaller in overall size. EXCELLENT condition overall; leaf containing Ch 11-12 w. ink smear, recto only (see pics). A superior heirloom booklet of this most important Gospel! Priority shipping.  
  9.75" x 7" X .35"
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King James - Collins


  Bibles $1,595.00
  1791 New Testament, Collins Bible (KJV). FIRST EDITION. V. RARE. Printed in Trenton, NJ by Isaac Collins, 1791. "The Bible of Colonial America". From the First Family Bible in the newly organized United States (1789); first whole Bible printed in NJ. Reference: Evans 23184. Hills 31. D&M 1354. Contents: Genealogical Records from 1793-1869 (Shriner and Bender families); New Testament (complete); INDEX to the Bible, outlining the "Seven Ages", Tables of Time, Measures, Weights, Coins, Offices and Conditions of Men, Table of Kindred and Affinity; A Brief Concordance or Table to the Bible, and To the Reader (John Downame, 1790), all complete. Less than 100 complete Collins Bibles exist today; this NT is a special treasure. EXCELLENT condition. Handsomely bound in 3/4 leather, gilt lines w. period hand-made papers; 5 raised bands; gilted Title and Date on spine. Priority Shipping.  
  11" x 8.8"
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