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Many folks have the idea that FRAMING a leaf is the best way to preserve and display a Bible leaf. Of course they look nice - and they should, for $250-$350 - with acid-free archival double matting, double-sided, UV museum glass, and a nice frame to go with it! But there is a far less expensive way: my 100% archival Portfolios ($50-$100 value), kept like a book on a book shelf, or cradled on an easel - for display on your desk, mantle, or table top (kept closed to avoid the light).

Although our heirloom Portfolios may be set on a table top as is, either slightly open or wide open, an easel (from the German Esel, "donkey" - a beast of burden!) allows the Portfolio to remain closed to any harmful light, while available to be examined simply by picking it up. The table-top easels offered here are superior in function, quality, and design to almost all others that are commonly available. They are made of solid cast iron, tastefully elegant, very stable, and with all smooth edges so as not to damage the Portfolio's linen casing (see pics). They have an antique light and dark gray "patina" finish that does not distract from the classic beauty of the Portfolio. For the cost, we haven't found any easels better than these!

Prices are for 1 easel, shipping cost of $8-$10 value, already included. Due to weight, easels may be shipped separately via Parcel Post.

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  Display Easels $28.00
  SMALL DISPLAY EASEL, 12.5" Tall. Cast Iron, no rough edges. For Portfolios up to 15" tall. Shipping is included in the price ($8 value).  
  12.5" Tall
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  Display Easels $34.00
  LARGE DISPLAY EASEL. 16.5" Tall. Cast Iron, with no rough edges. For Portfolios 15" or Taller (Biblia Sacra 1479 and Great Byble 1540), but may be used for all Portfolios for greater stability. Shipping is included in the price ($10 value).  
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