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Unconditionally guaranteed. Exceptional Bible Leaves, not in other categories.
These Bible leaves or leaf-sets are usually very rare, one-of-a-kind, or in limited numbers. They come in museum-quality Portfolios (Bi-fold, Tri-fold, or Super-), or in Bi-fold Archival Booklets, all handmade of highest quality materials. In general, these leaves are too expensive to have in any sizable quantity and are the "best of the best." Occasionally, a leaf may be archivally framed in exotic woods or in other framing formats. In nearly all cases, the leaf or leaf-set is of very high theological value deserving these special preservation formats. See Item Descriptions for full details.

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  Exceptional Items $199.00
  MATTHEW 3:5-5:32. Sermon on the Mount". FIRST EDITION. Printed in Mainz by Peter Jordan. 2 historiated initials. Darlow & Moule 4200. Interestingly, this "Roman Catholic" Bible largely follows Martin Luther's translation! EXCELLENT condition; light stains to margins. COA on "gold-leaf" premium paper w. gold seal. Leaf and COA set in an Archival Booklet. [For more 1534 leaves, see under "Archival Booklets"]. Price INCLUDES Shipping.  
  13.5" x 9.5"
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Biblia Latina


  Exceptional Items $139.00
  ECCLESIASTES 1:1-4:15. Title. "For Everytime There is a Season". Printed in Lyon by J. Mareschal, 1531. 1 Woodcut initial. EXCELLENT condition; marginal strokes. COA and "History of the Vulgate Bible" (w. translated verses from Ch.3) on "pearlized" premium paper, w. gold seal. Leaf, COA, and History set in a museum quality Trifold Portfolio. [For other 1531 leaves, see under "Trifold Portfolio]. Price INCLUDES Priority Shipping.  
  6.5" x 4.25"
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  Exceptional Items $129.00
  GENESIS 19:34-22:17. "Akedah: The Binding of Isaac" (Ch.22). Printed in London by C. Barker, 1589; a close reprint of the 1580 edition. Herbert 199. EXCELLENT condition. A "Top 10" leaf in the OT. COA on premium "gold leaf" paper, w. gold seal. Leaf and COA set in a museum-quality Bifold Portfolio. Price INCLUDES Priority Shipping.  
  8" x 6"
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Biblia Sacra


  Exceptional Items $155.00
  PHILIPPIANS 1:21-4:23. "Obedient Unto Death" Plus the Title to COLOSSIANS 1:1-7. Printed in Venice by L. Giunta, 1519. LimEd. No.21/50. SUPERIOR- condition. Light underlines. COA on premium "gold-leaf" paper w. gold seal. Leaf and COA set in a museum-quality Trifold Portfolio. [For other 1519 leaves, see under "Trifold Portfolio"]. Price INCLUDES Priority Shipping.  
  6" x 4"
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  Exceptional Items $235.00
  DEUTERONOMY 3:18-7:25. 2 leaf-set. "Ten Commandments & Shema" (Dt 5:1-21 and 6:4). Geneva Bible. Printed in London by R. Barker, 1601. Herbert 262. Woodcuts. Ruled-in-Red. EXCELLENT condition. Both leaves set in a museum-quality Bifold Portfolio. COA on "gold-leaf" premium paper w. gold seal. Color photocopy of the Bible's Title leaf, d. 1601. Both COA and photocopy of dated Title are in a separate Archival Booklet of forest green cambric linen w. crystal clear archival sleeves. Price INCLUDES Priority Shipping.  
  8.5" x 6.25"
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  Exceptional Items $275.00
  EXODUS 20:1-22:14. "The Ten Commandments" (Ch 20). 1st Folio ed. printed in London by Christopher Barker, 1576. Ref: Herbert 143. SUPERIOR CONDITION. COA on "gold-leaf" premium paper w. gold seal. Leaf and COA set in museum-quality Bifold Portfolio. Priority SHIPPING included.  
  10.2" x 7.2"
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