Biblia Latina - 1475 - ISAIAH 6:5-9:21

Biblia Latina – 1475 – ISAIAH 6-9


”To us a child is born”



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ISAIAH 6:5-9:21. “To us a child is born” (9:6). FIRST EDITION. Printed in Nuremburg by Anton Koberger, 1475. 48 lines/col., extra-wide margins. Ref: Goff B543, GW418, HC3056. First Koberger Bible; 104 remain extant. 23rd printed Bible; 18th printed Latin Bible. 3 Red & Blue Lombard initials, handpainted; on very heavy, creamy, cotton-rag, vellum-like paper. COA on full-sized premium “gold-leaf” paper w. gold seal. This fabulous leaf and COA, containing Isaiah’s prophesy of the Christ-child (Immanuel, etc.), sets in a royal blue Large Archival Booklet w. archival sleeves as recommended by the Library of Congress for preservation; leaf slips out for easy removal. The earliest printed leaf in our collection. International Priority Shipping to UAE (FedEx, 3-5 days) and $500 Insurance included in price. $345 leaf sale price + $200 Shipping = $545 TOTAL. [Because the website automatically adds exactly 15% to the item’s “price”, Seller and Buyer agree to artificially change the stated price to be $474 instead of $345, so that the 15% automatically added brings the Total spent by Buyer to the agreed total of $545, or $545.10 to be exact. Seller agrees that this is a reasonable and necessary adjustment, given the difficulties of this transaction, though for all other purposes such as taxes and insurance the reality of the transaction is that the Item actually costs $345 and the Shipping actually costs $200.] Fed Ex tracking solely determines a successful shipment, without any refund if shipment or delivery fails for any reason, unless FedEx pays an insurance claim. Buyer accepts all other risks by shipping of item to UAE.

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