Biblia Latina – 1495 – LUKE 1-3


“Nunc Dimittis”


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LUKE 1:55-3:23. “Nunc Dimittis”. Printed in Basel, Switzerland, by Johann Froben, October 27, 1495. Octavo size: 5.75″ x 4.25″. One of the very earliest printed octavo Bibles, as handy for travel as the popular “pocket bibles” of the 13th century. Reference: Goff B598; GW 4275. Ruled in Red. With two (2) hand-painted initials in RED. FINE+ condition; verso with unusual, contemporary highlighted first words (see pics). COA on premium “gold leaf” paper with gold seal and signature. Includes “Origins of the Vulgate Bible” with an English translation of some important verses. Text includes Zechariah’s salvation-poem (1:67-79), Simeon’s famous poem “Nunc Dimittis” (2:29-35; Latin: now you let), Jesus’ childhood teaching in the Temple, and Jesus’ baptism by John. Some texts are translated on the COA.

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Biblia Latina / 1495