Biblia Sacra - 1250 - JEREMIAH 31:2-32:28

Biblia Sacra – 1250 – JEREMIAH 31-32


”The New Covenant”




JEREMIAH 31:2-32:28. “The New Covenant of Forgiveness” [Eng. trans 31:31-34]. Handwritten and illuminated in Northern France, c1250. Medium sized 7.25″ x 5″. On very fine vellum. Leaf is 1″ wider and taller than most during this period, with very wide margins. Less than FINE condition due to some ink oxidation on the verso side, and slightly on the recto side (the side with the New Covenant text); see pics. With 1 handpainted initial in red and blue, with light scrolling penwork. Rubricated throughout. This text contains a central promise in the Bible: on the basis of a New Covenant, “written on the heart” by the Spirit, God will create for himself a new people. COA on premium “gold leaf” paper with gold seal.

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Biblia Sacra / 1250-1350




7.25" x 5"