Coverdale - 1538 - ACTS 14:19-15:12

Coverdale – 1538 – ACTS 14:19-15:12


”The First Ecumenical Council”



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ACTS 14:19-15:12. “The First Ecumenical Council” (see 15:1-11). FIRST EDITION. V.RARE. Coverdale’s English and Latin Diglot, 1538, based on Wm Tyndale’s 1534 translation. Printed in Southwarke by James Nicolson. Herbert 37. With 2 Woodcut initials. FINE condition. Light bleed-through to lower quarter of English column. English translation is Tyndale’s final trans of 1534/35; Latin is Erasmus’ ed. COA on “gold leaf” premium paper, w. gold seal. Text describes the First Ecumenical Council, c.48-50 AD, where Peter and Paul come to an uneasy agreement regarding Gentiles and the Law of Moses; Paul’s own account of this Council is in Galatians 2. The question of the Law’s impact on Christians has been hotly debated ever since.

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