Great Byble – 1540 – MICAH 1 Title & JONAH (all)


Woe to all Oppressors!


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MICAH 1:1-5. Title. With: JONAH 1-4 (whole book). “Sent by God!” Great Byble. Printed in London by Grafton and Whitchurch, Nov. 1540. Third folio edition. Reference: Herbert 60. This leaf was part of an OT fragment in the famous Francis Fry Collection. 5 woodcut initials and 2 Titles. FINE- condition; .5″ worm streak to upper inner corner; repairs to edge cuts; old repair to lower inner corner; edges to lower outer corner are crumpled (see pics). Full margins. 15.2″ x 10.2″. Faults notwithstanding, leaf nicely includes all of the popular book of Jonah.

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15.2" x 10.2"


FINE-. See Description.



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Great Byble / 1540