Greek NT – 1632 – 1 CORINTHIANS 4


”The Kingdom of God”



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1 CORINTHIANS 3:20-5:1. “The Kingdom of God”. The Greek New Testament. Novum Testamentum. Printed in Cambridge by Tho. Buck, 1632. FIRST CAMBRIDGE EDITION. The so-called “Textus Receptus” or Received Text. Since Erasmus’ early Geek text of 1516, it was the dominant text for translations until about 1850 when older/better manuscripts were discovered. Ref: STC 2796, Herbert 4678. FINE condition; light stains to edges (see pic). COA on premium “gold leaf” paper. English trans. on COA from 4:9-13, 20. Text includes Paul’s rare reference to the Kingdom of God, tied to a reminder of the sufferings of apostles.

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