Mt22.1 (2)

King James – 1611 – Matthew 22-23


“The Greatest Commandment”



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MATTHEW 22:11-23:32. “The Greatest Commandment” (22:37-40). FIRST EDITION. “She” variant, the first editor’s correction. Printed in 1611, likely published between 1611-1613, in London, by Robert Barker. Herbert 319. This folio leaf is slightly distinct from the 1611 “He” variant (uncorrected), the 1613 72-line folio, the 1617 folio and all other 59-line folio editions. In FINE condition; shaved upper margin, almost to the headline; almost imperceptible light staining (see pics); w. one (1) WOODCUT initial. Fair margins. COA on premium “gold leaf” paper w. signature and seal. Leaf and COA set in a museum-quality Archival Booklet w. archival sleeves for long-term archival conservation. Size: 15.25″ x 10″. Text contains Jesus’ famous words “Render Unto Caesar . . . Render unto God” (22:21), Jesus’ statement on the Greatest of the Commandments (22:37-40), and his “Woes!” to those who stand in the way of the kingdom (Ch.23). Includes Priority Shipping.

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