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King James – 1611 – Proverbs 1 Title


“The Beginning of Wisdom”



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PROVERBS 1:1-23 Title + PSALMS 147-150. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (1:7). FIRST EDITION. Known as The Great “She” Bible, or the “Queen” of 1611 Bibles. Editorially corrected following the uncorrected “He” variant, differing chiefly in obscure spellings and woodcuts. Census about 175 “He” and 450 “She” Bibles extant. Printed in 1611 (and immediately thereafter) and published 1611-1613, in London, by Robert Barker, according to extant title pages. Experts disagree whether the “He” and the “She” should count as a single edition with two variants, or as two distinct editions. Reference: Herbert 319. All 59-line folio leaves (1611 He, 1611 She, 1617, 1634, 1640) are interchangeable, so buyer beware. Nonetheless, each leaf can be determined with certainty.

FINE+ condition, wide margins (16″ x 10.5″) with minor smudges and light corner creases. 4 WOODCUT initials, with “T” and “P” inhabited with beasts. Text expresses the strong “wisdom” strand of Hebrew thought in the Second Temple period that was in some way in the beginning with God (see Prv 8:22-31). COA on premium “gold leaf” paper w. signature and seal. Leaf and COA set in a museum-quality Archival Booklet. Includes Priority Shipping.

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16.0" x 10.5"