King James - 1617 - GENESIS 1:1-2:11

King James – 1617 – GENESIS 1:1-2:11





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GENESIS 1:1-2:11. Title. “Creation!” Printed in London by R. Barker, 1617. 2nd 59-line LARGE FOLIO edition (counting the 1611 “He” and “She” variants as a single edition; the 1613 72-line Folio is a wholly separate edition). This leaf is in POOR condition, w. extensive reinforcements on all sides. The Biblical text on the recto side is intact; on the verso side w. blotches is missing some words in 1:19-20 (see pics). The 1617 edition is nearly identical to the 1611 edition, with differences in some word spacing, spelling, and woodcuts — only an expert can distinguish the two editions! This leaf has the same heading and initial woodcuts as the 1611 “He” edition. The leaves of the 1611 and 1617 editions were designed to be fully interchangeable. Census: 1611 “He”, 175 copies; 1611 “She” 450 copies; 1617 200 copies. While the number of extant 1617 Bibles is about the same as the 1611 “He” Bibles, demand dictates price. It is normal for the Genesis 1 leaf to be lost or mangled or torn, which accounts for its increased rarity.

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