King James - 1703 - ISAIAH 1:1-2:4

King James – 1703 – ISAIAH 1:1-2:4


”Love is Strong As Death”



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ISAIAH 1:1-2:4. Title. With: SONG OF SOLOMON 7:13-8:14. Rare nude. Printed in London by Bill & Newcomb, MDCCIII (1703); on fine linen-rag. Ref: Herbert 872. Ruled-in-Red. Original F.H. van Hove ENGRAVING (1672) in EXCELLENT condition. Matching text-leaf in SUPERIOR condition. 2 COAs. First entitled “Love is Strong As Death” (SS 8:6); second is “Swords Beaten Into Plowshares (1:18-20; 2:2-4). Both COAs on “Astroparche” premium paper. Includes facsimile of Engraved Title leaf. Portfolio No. 36 of 50 only from this Bible; there are no NT leaves. This Bible is triple rare: it includes the engravings (most did not), it is printed on linen-rag (rather than cotton-rag), and is ruled-in-red (most did not); each rarity increases the overall rarity of the Bible.

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King James / 1703




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