ST JOHN – 1525 – JOHN 1:1-8


In the Beginning Was the Word



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JOHN 1:1-8a. Title. “In the Beginning Was the Word”. Biblia Sacra. Novi Testamenti (Latin). Printed by E. Cervicornus (for G. Hittorp), in Kolon, Germany, 1525. Size 5.25″ x 3.5″. Rubricated throughout. Large initial “I” in red, light yellow, black. Marker on edge. EXCELLENT condition. Half of recto side and all of verso side is Jerome’s Preface to John. Text extols the incarnation of God’s “Word” (logos), the very “expression” of God. The most important theological text in the NT.[Eng. trans. 1:1-17]

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Biblia Sacra / 1525