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How is DELIVERY of Items assured?

All Items are tracked with a tracking number, and DELIVERY is assured by the United States Postal Service (USPS) or similar delivery service. The Delivery service record of delivery is considered official. Clients are notified in advance of delivery and it is their responsibility to take possession of the package upon delivery as determined by the delivery service. For more information, see Terms & Conditions at the bottom of HomePage.

What is the HISTORY of the Bible in English?

See the BIBLE FLOWCHART. The flowchart is of English Bibles only, from 1380 (Wycliff) to 1881 (Revised Version).

What about LAYAWAY?

Layaway (up to 4 months) is available for Items priced at more than $1,000. Call to take the item off the market and to make payment arrangements. Invoices will be sent to you privately via email URL. A non-refundable 20% minimum payment (reserve deposit) is required for an Item to be taken off the market and reserved for the purchaser. Subsequent monthly installments are recommended though not demanded. If the Item is no longer wanted (in writing), or if the Item is not fully paid after 4 months + 10 calendar days from the date of initial reserve payment: then the Item itself and the 20% reserve deposit are forfeit; all other monies will be refunded. The Item will be sent to the purchaser upon payment in full; until then, it remains the legal property of Historic Bibles, LLC. UPDATED/EFFECTIVE 12/9/17.

What BIBLES & LEAVES are available?

Apart from our “Rare Bibles” category, Leaves and Manuscripts from 30+ partial Bibles are available in ENGLISH, LATIN, GREEK, and GERMAN. For particular VERSES, email us or call/text 541-990-9919 (Pacific Time). We sell mostly PREMIUM and SEMI-PREMIUM Leaves, the rest being in the “Random Leaves” category. The “top” OT Premium leaves include: Gen 1-22, Ex 1-24, Dt 5-6, Ps 23, followed by Lev 19, Ru 1, Ecc 1-3, Job 1, Ps 1, Is 1-11 and 52-66, Jer 30-32, and Ez 37. The “top” NT Premium leaves include: Mt 1-5, Mk 1, Luke 1-3, Jn 1-3, 1 Cor 13 and Phil 1-2, followed by Romans, Ac 1-2, 1 Cor 1, 2 Cor 5, Col 1, Gal 1, Heb 1 and 11, and Rev 1 and 21-22. These lists are not exhaustive! PREMIUM leaves include TITLES and significant theological texts. SEMI-PREMIUM leaves may be found in the “$59 and Under” category.

What about the CONDITION of a leaf?

Antiquarian grades, which strictly speaking refer to books, do not describe the condition of Bible leaves very well, so I use the following system. Nearly all leaves on this site are FINE or better. Flaws are noted with pictures of both sides. There are 5 grades: POOR – GOOD – FINE – EXCELLENT – SUPERIOR. Poor: Text partly missing. Good: Text intact. Leaf partly damaged or torn away. Fine: With some flaws, as noted. Excellent: Minor flaws only, as noted. Superior: Nearly Flawless. Very rarely, you will find a FLAWLESS leaf.

What does LIMITED EDITION mean?

In general, Bibles that are no longer suitable for binding may only have 50 to 100 premium leaves suitable for our Portfolios, and as a general indicator of that leaf’s “value.” Thus, a particular Bible with 100 usable leaves has a “limited edition” of 100, and in that case no more than 100 leaves will be numbered as such in our portfolios; the rest designated for Archival Booklets or for Random Leaves. A leaf designated as “LimEd 45/100” means that this is the 45th out of the 100 designated premium leaves from this Bible. Note that all leaves are unique and not reproductions! Other Portfolios or Booklets may be produced from that Bible but not as part of the Limited Edition.

How is a leaf PRICED?

Price is determined by (1) RARITY (2) POPULARITY (3) CONDITION (4) SIZE. RARITY: English Bibles prior to 1580 are very costly, as are any Latin Bibles prior to 1540. POPULARITY: The more familiar texts (Ex 20, Ps 23, Jn 3:16, etc) are the most desired, as are many theological texts (Is 6, Rom 3, Heb 11, etc). CONDITION: The better the condition, the higher the price. SIZE: In general, the larger the leaf, the higher the price.


Yes, by written AGREEMENT. Items accepted for consignment are at Owner’s risk and expense. The actual “Selling Price” above an agreed “Wholesale Price” will be split evenly between Historic Bibles LLC (HB) and Owner, deducting from Owner’s portion any “added value” by HB as well as any selling expenses (e.g., auction costs, shipping, insurance; usually 12%-15% of the Selling Price) . With few exceptions, only Leaves or Bibles produced prior to 1640 will be considered for consignment. Please do not send us your Bible without prior written AGREEMENT.


Yes. Two types of Appraisals are available, and will depend on the quality of information provided to us. A GENERAL APPRAISAL will confirm basic identifying data (date, place of publication, references), plus the wholesale and retail valuations. A more COMPREHENSIVE APPRAISAL will research missing identifying data (date, place of publication, references) and provide a Brief Summary of the results, along with the wholesale and retail valuations. To order, look at the bottom of our HomePage.

Do you Ship Internationally?

RARELY, at the sole discretion of Historic Bibles LLC. Shipping locations are LIMITED. All sales shipped internationally are FINAL. Returns are not permitted. BUYER bears full responsibility for actual delivery. For more details, see “Shipping & Returns” at the bottom of the HomePage.