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Shipping & Returns

All Items are well packaged and normally ship within 24 hours. USPS Priority Mail is normally used, but some packages under 14 ounces may be shipped via First Class Mail. On occasion, other shipping providers or carriers may be used at the discretion of Historic Bibles LLC. All shipments are considered to be fully delivered and received by the BUYER when the Carrier or Shipping Provider says it has been delivered or received by a person at the shipping address provided.

USA Domestic Shipping:

All domestic Shipping costs are included in the Item Price, unless the BUYER requests special shipping arrangements. In rare cases, Items may be hand-delivered to BUYER who will at that time verify in writing and on video the authenticity and correctness of their purchase which then cannot be returned for any reason.

RETURNS are allowable, under the conditions below, and only if the Item is not in substantial accord with its website Description. All other reasons for a return must be authorized in writing/e-mail by Historic Bibles LLC, may incur a fair “restocking fee,” and are subject to those terms. ALL RETURNS MUST BE FULLY INSURED.

RETURNS ON ITEMS/PURCHASES UNDER $5000: When the Item received is not in substantial accord with its Description, returns are allowable if mailed and postmarked within seven (7) calendar days of receipt (as determined by the official tracking service), well packaged and fully Insured. Shipping and Insurance costs will be reimbursed. P.S. Thankfully, this has never happened!

RETURNS ON ITEMS/PURCHASES $5000 or MORE: When an Item received is not in substantial accord with its Description — CONTACT US (Historic Bibles, LLC) within seven (7) calendar days of receipt as determined by the official tracking service. DO NOT MAIL BACK THE ITEM unless or until directed to do so by Historic Bibles LLC. We may arrange for a pick-up and verification of the Item at your location.

DAMAGED IEMS: If, despite our expert packaging, an Item is damaged in transit, please contact us immediately or no later than three (3) mailing days of receipt as determined by official tracking services. Your Item may be insured against damage-in-transit, so prompt communications are vital. Save all packaging and take pictures if possible. CONTACT US immediately for instructions.

International Shipping (outside the 50 states of the USA) — when authorized:

Deliveries outside the USA are at the sole discretion of Historic Bibles LLC and are not possible on the website without first contacting us at +1 541-990-9919. Such Orders, when authorized, MUST be negotiated with Historic Bibles LLC via phone and/or email in order to verify the terms of the Order and delivery.  If delivery is authorized, all delivery fees, PayPal fees, VAT, import fees, currency conversion fees and any other fees that are not the listed PRICE of the Item (or the negotiated price) are paid by the BUYER.

Many countries will not be shipped to, at the sole discretion of Historic Bibles LLC.  All international sales are final! Delivery is in accord with the Official Tracking Report as far as such report of possible, even if no signature is required or obtained. No returns or refunds are permitted for any reason (unless, of course, a fraud is demonstrated). See Notes, below:

Note #1: International packages are subject to delivery procedures in the “Ship to” country. The Carrier’s tracking and stated delivery dates are considered official. However, even under the best of conditions, packages cannot be guaranteed as actually deliverable and may be stolen or lost, in which case BUYER still pays for all Item, Shipping, and all related costs AS IF the Item had been actually delivered. BUYER (or Ship to Recipient) bears all delivery risks and is fully responsible to follow-up on any delivery problems within the “ship to” country.

Note #2: USPS, FedEx, and UPS are the normal default delivery options. If BUYER has a preference in delivery options, please advise at the time of Sale.

Note #3: If, for whatever reason, there is an excess paid in “Shipping” or related costs taken by PayPal, the BUYER is hereby notified that a Refund, in whole or in part, should not be expected. Yet because PayPal is not always clear about the charges they take, a REFUND or partial Refund may be made, at the sole discretion of Historic Bibles LLC.