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Terms & Conditions

Use of this site, regardless of how the site is accessed, is limited to its ordinary use, that is, to the perusal and/or purchase of Items for sale on this site. Except as may be provided below, no other use is permitted.

Specifically, but not exclusively, images, logos, or any text derived from this site may not be copied or reproduced or saved in any way, in whole or in part, for any use whatever. All logos, images, text, intellectual property, or copyrights on this site are the exclusive property of Historic Bibles LLC. However, any Item sold transfers all legal rights and images pertaining to that Item to the BUYER. Such transfer of rights is deemed to become effective at the time the item is physically received by the BUYER, thereby completing the sale.

In order not to place an undue burden on the property rights currently enjoyed by Historic Bibles LLC, exceptions to the ordinary transfer of property rights, outlined above, applies to any images of the sold item, of whatever nature or format, already in use on this site, or in future use for advertising, exhibition, or other informational or display formats that might ordinarily imply the item’s ownership by Historic Bibles LLC. Additionally, any image already authorized or scheduled for use in selling formats such as calendars, note cards or greeting cards, shall retain the right of ownership by Historic Bibles LLC so long as that format does not substantially change over time. Within a broad definition of “use” provided by these exceptions: Upon the sale and physical receipt of any such item, Historic Bibles LLC will no longer initiate or authorize any image of that item that implies the ownership of that item by Historic Bibles LLC.

Exceptions to these “Terms and Conditions” must be made by Historic Bibles LLC, in writing, at the point of sale and as a condition of the sale. “In writing” means via email or handwritten notice by Historic Bibles LLC to BUYER.

Historic Bibles LLC bears no responsibility for any damages, intentional or not, from any “third party” USER or website or company at which that USER may find themselves during the use or misuse of this site. For its part, Historic Bibles LLC will never intentionally direct a user to any other company or site, except in the ordinary transaction of a purchase and for that exclusive transaction only.

Historic Bibles LLC and its website, are not responsible for any advertisements conveyed by third-party entities, such as Facebook, that refer to specific Items on the Historic Bibles website. Only the Historic Bibles website is the “official” one, regardless of what one may glean from other sources.

Any litigation pertaining to the usage and/or misuse of this site, according to all the policies, terms, and conditions cited herein, and/or in any part of this site, must be made in the jurisdiction of Linn county, within the State of Oregon, and under the applicable laws therein.

No user of this site, however this site is accessed, may alter the programming, images, or text on this site, in any way whatsoever.

Any and all users of this site, by merely using this site in any capacity whatsoever, assent to all the Policies and “Terms and Conditions” for a correct use of this site.

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