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Archival Booklets

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This section is for Premium and Semi-premium Leaves – whether in English, Latin, Greek or German. Your selected leaf will be set in an Archival Booklet according to the size of the leaf.

Archival Booklets are designed and created by Historic Bibles & Engravings of the finest archival materials, to hold and preserve rare Bible leaves. Booklets are handmade using heavy, cambric-style cover stock, acid-free and carbon neutral, and crystal clear archival sleeves as recommended by the Library of Congress for maximum conservation. Coming in royal blue or other colors due to availability, these proprietary Booklets open like a book, with the leaf on one side and the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) on the other side. Like our Portfolios, the leaf is easily reversible to see both sides. On the cover is our embossed logo in gold, with the Chi-Rho symbol for “Christ” and wheat ears for the “Bread of Life.”   

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