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Biblia Sacra – 1250 – ISAIAH 60-65


”The Spirit of the Lord”


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ISAIAH 60:20-65:7. “The Spirit of the LORD GOD is Upon Me”” (61:1). Manuscript on fine vellum, hand-written, painted, and produced in Paris, c.1250. Travel-size: 6.4″ x 5.0″. With 5 RED & BLUE initials, scrolling flourishes along each full column, on both sides. EXCELLENT condition, nicely penned; slightly shaved lower edge (see pics). Manuscript contains important chapters from Third Isaiah (Ch 56-66), likely preached just after the end of the Babylon Exile, c.500 BCE, proclaiming the Servant of the Lord (from Second Isaiah, Ch. 40-55) who will make good on God’s promises for a brighter future when Israel’s sins are forgiven; see Luke 4:16-21. Manuscript, COA, and “Origins of the Vulgate Bible” set in a museum-quality Tri-fold Portfolio. A fine example and important text of a late medieval manuscript.

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6.4" x 5.0"

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Biblia Sacra / 1250-1350