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Daniel & Bel – 1565 – Framed Set of 8 Plates

Daniel & Bel


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“Daniel & Bel” – Framed set 8 engravings (out of 10 plates in the complete set). FIRST STATE. 1565 (dated on pl.1). Ref: New Hollstein 226.1 – 235.1 (Heemskerck). Set lacks pl. 2 and 7 which contained the dragon. Originally washed to convey a sense of age. Conceptual artist: Maarten van Heemskerck (signature on all plates, monogram on pl. 8 and 9). Possible engravers: Cornelis Cort [per Rijksmuseum], or Philips Galle [per Hallie Ford Museum]. Publisher, Hieronymus (Jerome) Cock (signature on 6 plates). Engravings pasted onto heavy paper with wide margins, 13.5″ x 10.8″. Plates are mostly clean with very sharp impressions; wrinkles seen in pictures are not noticeable when framed. Minor spotting to pl.1, breaks to pl.6, and a break and stain to pl. 8. From the Biblical story of Daniel supplemented with the apocryphal story of Daniel, Bel, and the Dragon. Each engraving is stunningly detailed, and make a very fine set indeed.

[Plate 1] Daniel Before King Cyrus. [Plate 3] Sifted Ashes. [Plate 4] Food Before Baal. [Plate 5] Daniel Reveals the Deception. [Plate 6] Cyrus Orders the Priests Killed. [Plate 8] Daniel in the Lion’s Den. [Plate 9] Daniel Removed from the Den. [Plate 10] Enemies Thrown into the Den.

This engraving set was part of the Hexham Abbey Bible Exhibit (of Northern Renaissance prints) at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, OR, USA, 2018. All 9 of the Exhibit’s information plaques are included, one for each engraving and one for the “Ethics of Faith” section that featured this Set. The original mats are included, and framed exactly as the Museum had them, albeit now with UV protective glass. Frames measure 18″ x 14″.

COA on premium “gold leaf” paper with gold seal and signature, set in a museum-quality Portfolio.

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First State. 1565. NH 226.1-235.1 (Heemskerck). 8 plates of 10.


Clean and sharp impressions. See "Description" for streaks and breaks to Plate. 8 and 9. See pics.


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