1Ki15 (2)

Great Byble – 1540 – 1 Kings 15-17


Elijah v Ahab


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1 KINGS 15:27-18:6. “Elijah v Ahab,” or “Prophet v King”. Great Byble. Printed in London by Grafton and Whitchurch, Nov. 1540. Third folio edition. Reference: Herbert 60. This leaf was part of an OT fragment in the famous Francis Fry Collection. 1 Picture-woodcut 3″ x 2.25″ (of only 50 picture woodcuts in this Bible). 1 medium and 2 small woodcut initials. FINE condition. Full margins; moderate stains to outer and lower margins (see pics). 15.25″ x 10.25″. [Note: the iii Kings headline is an older designation for 1 Kings, since the two Samuel books were combined with the two Kings books to form i, ii, iii, and iiii Kings.]

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15.25" x 10.25"


FINE. See Description.



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Great Byble / 1540