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Kain & Abel


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“Kain & Abel”. FIRST STATE. Complete set of 3 plates, known as “The History of Kain and Abel” published in G. de Jode’s Thesaurus sacrarum historiarum. Numbered plates 1, 2, 3. Ref: Hollstein 47.1 – 49.1 (Sadeler). Conceptual artist, Michael de Coxcij (signature, plates 1, 3). Engraver, Jan Sadeler I (signature, plates 1, 3); monogram pl. 6). Publisher, Gerard de Jode (signature, plate 1), 1576 (dated, plate 1). Engravings uncut on laid paper, 11″ x 8″, with wide margins 13.5″ x 10.5″. Images are clean and sharp impressions. Repair to lower right corners, not affecting plates. Minor waviness. Plate 1 with minor stain to right margin, and a bit into the plate (see pics). Plate 3 with burn holes to Eve (mourning Abel). Each engraving is quite detailed; a very fine set indeed, with all the artists’ signatures. From the story in Genesis 4. Sold as a set only.

This set is currently on exhibit at the Hallie Ford Museum, until the end of April. The BUYER of this set must await delivery until the end of the Exhibition, at the end of April.

[Plate 1] Kain and Abel Make Offerings. [Plate 2] Kain Kills Abel. [Plate 3] Adam and Eve Grieve Over Abel.

Engravings and COA are set in two museum-quality Bifold Portfolios (landscape) of linen cloth and silk moire, within archival sleeves. COA on premium “gold leaf” paper with gold seal and signature.

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First State. 1576, dated.


Clean and sharp impressions. See description and pics.


Old Testament