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King James – 1611 – 2nd KINGS 22-23


“Josiah’s Reform”


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2nd KINGS 22:8-23:21. “Josiah’s Reform”. FIRST EDITION. Great “She” Bible variant. Printed in 1611, published/titled 1611-1613, in London, by Robert Barker. Herbert 319. This leaf, being the printer’s first “correction” (spelling, spacing, and woodcut variations) already in 1611 extending to 1612 and possibly into 1613, is slightly distinct from the initial 1611 “He” variant, and distinct from all other 59-line folio edition. FINE+ condition (see pics); with 1 WOODCUT initial. 15.4″ x 10.0″. COA on premium “gold leaf” paper w. signature and seal. Leaf and COA set in an Archival Booklet. This semi-premium text recounts king Josiah’s discovery of the Law (Torah), its reading, and subsequent reforms.

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King James / 1611




15.4" x 10.0"