King James – 1611 – LEVITICUS 18-20


“Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”


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LEVITICUS 18:30-20:14. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” (19:18). FIRST EDITION. “She” variant (printer’s “correction”). Printed in 1611, published between 1611-1613, in London, by Robert Barker. Herbert 319. This leaf is very slightly distinct from the 1611 “He” variant, the 1613 72-line folio, and the 1617 59-line folio, the 1634 and 1640 editions. EXCELLENT condition w. 2 WOODCUT initials. Narrower upper and outer margins. COA on premium “gold leaf” paper w. signature and seal. Leaf and COA set in a museum-quality Archival Booklet. This theologically important leaf contains the critical verses 19:17-18, which demands that those who love God must also love others from the heart. Price includes Priority Shipping.

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