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King James – 1613 HE – RUTH 1-4 “he went into the citie”


”He went into the citie”


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RUTH 1:1-4:5 “Intreat Me Not” (1:16) and “He Went Into the Citie” (3:15). The second and the last King James “He” Bible. Printed in London by Robert Barker, 1613. First Quarto Black Letter Edition. Overall size: 8.6″ x 6.25″. Reference: Herbert 323 (text block 199mm x 138mm), the “He” edition, containing the original error in Ruth 3:15 “he went into the citie” and according to Herbert a “close reprint” of the 1611 folio “He” first edition, first issue. This 1613 “He” edition is the second and also the last of its kind; after 1613, no other “He” editions were printed. Note: There are no other certain determinations of a “He” edition than the Ruth 3:15 citation and the block size, since textual indicators vary and are somewhat mixed, despite what some experts may say. The best indicator of a genuine 1613 “He” Bible, therefore, is the correct block size and the Ruth 3:15 citation together, and that also appears to be original in all its parts, that is, with uniform pages throughout. Such a bible is the represented here, from which these leaves were taken. For scholarly reference, see Herbert’s Historical Catalogue of English Bibles.

This important and very rare leaf contains not only the very popular “Intreat me not to leave thee” passage but the definitive Ruth 3:15 passage “he went into the citie” that certifies this leaf and the bible from which it came (with correct block size) as a genuine 1613 He Bible. The leaf itself is in FINE- condition overall, with a couple of dark smudges at 2:12 and 3:4 (see pics). COA on premium “gold leaf” paper with signature and gold seal. This leaf sets in a museum quality Bi-fold Portfolio.

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8.6" x 6.25"