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1629 King James “Authorized” Bible, Cambridge Universtity Press, editio princeps (FIRST EDITION, complete in all parts — and with all intended Cambridge parts), Cambridge University Press, 1629, Tho: and John Buck. Medium Folio (the only edition this year). VERY RARE IN THIS CONDITION, PAPER-TYPE, AND COMPLETENESS. A Superior copy! The first complete “editorial revision” of the King James Bible. RULED-IN-RED throughout, on fine linen-rag paper, thick, bright, with no danger of tearing when handled. Reference: Herbert 424. Provenance: “A.G. Jennings 1877” (a NYC businessman and historian of religion, d.1904). COMPLETE as intended by the Cambridge Univ printers. Contains: ORIGINAL ENGRAVED TITLE, BCP, ALL CAMBRIDGE PRELIMINARIES, OT, APOCRYPHA, NT TITLE, NT, BLANK, BPCEM, TABLE.

This Bible printed on fine, white, linen-rag paper (McMullin’s “D” forme), exceptionally nice, the heaviest and BEST paper used apart from the two “Royal” eds (McMullin’s formes F and G; Forme E uses a thin linen-rag). Wide margins w. leaves 11 15/16″ x 7 15/16″. Gauffered edges on all sides in geometric patterns of stars and diamonds. In strict antiquarian terms, Bible is in “nearly fine” condition; repaired small marginal/edge tears, minor spots here and there, red ink spill on final leaf of the Apocrypha (see pics).

SUPERBLY TOOLED multi-panel leather binding, in period style, of “British vegetable tanned calf” (all archival); w. 5 raised bands to the spine and gilt lettering. End-pages of contemporary antiphonal music sheets, as befits the function of this Bible. Only a handful of such Bibles still exist in this superior state of preservation and completeness.

Bible comes in a felt-lined linen cloth slipcase (value $225), and is here being sold along with an 8-piece “Cambridge Ensemble” (value $5,000) that celebrates its Cambridge heritage: (1) FIRST EDITION, very large c1220 illuminated manuscript leaf from the very rare “Cambridge Bible”, 11″ x 7.75″, Acts 3-7 (value $2000); (2) FIRST EDITION 1638 Cambridge Bible leaf, folio, ruled in red, title to Matthew 1-3 (value $350); (3) FIRST EDITION 1632 Engraved Title leaf to the Greek NT, octavo, printed at Cambridge, w. Title leaf to ACTS 1:1-18 (value $300); (4) 1591 Geneva Bible, facsimile reprint (only 3 originals are known to exist), this being the first Bible ever printed at Cambridge; a rare reprint w. only 500 numbered copies; like new, value $850, set in a fine presentation box; (5) New, NIV Cambridge Bible, NI206WM Premier Wide Margin Reference Edition, supple goatskin, in a Rosewood Presentation Box, (value $750); (6) New, 3-vol set of D. McKitterick’s “A History of Cambridge University Press”, (value $650); (7) New, D. McKitterick’s “Four Hundred Years of University Publishing and Printing in Cambridge, Catalogue of an Exhibition”, (value $40); and (8) B. J. McMullin’s hard to find 1984 article “The 1629 Cambridge Bible”, (value $50), comparing 39 copies in the UK.

Just 41 copies of this 1629 first edition folio Bible are listed in the ESTC database. This 8-piece Ensemble ($5,000+ total value) contextualizes a beautiful and rare FIRST EDITION Bible. Judging by McMullin’s census, this Bible ranks among the top 15-20 in the world! Compare just the 1629 Bible to $45K – $85K + 20% auction fees. ASK about the Bible and slipcase only, without the Ensemble. CALL 541-990-9919 for pricing and more information.

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