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King James (Collins) – 1791 – Whitall-Tatum Family Bible Collection


“Whitall-Tatum Bible/NT”


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WHITALL-TATUM FAMILY BIBLE. New Testament. Additional items: the family Bible’s General title, w. family signatures, and the Genesis 1 title leaf, plus several Whitall-Tatum books and pamphlets with signatures and provenance. This is a FIRST EDITION Isaac Collins Bible (New Testament only), 1791. Less than 100 known copies. Printed in Trenton, NJ by Isaac Collins, 1791. In unusual FINE+ condition (see pics). Bible is known as: “The Bible of Colonial America” and as “The First Family Bible in America.” References: Evans 23184. Hills 31. Nicely bound in leather w. Red title band to spine: “NEW TESTmnt” (sic), gold-gilted. Size: 10.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.25″.

Provenance: The Whitall-Tatum Family Bible. In this Collection only the New Testament is wholly preserved, but includes the General Title page w. 3 Whitall-Tatum signatures (listed below), and the first page of Genesis; see pics. Unfortunately, the Old Testament could not be wholly preserved, except for about 25 pages/leaves which are listed and sold separately on this site.

Collection includes: (1) The Whitall-Tatum Bible (OT General Title + Genesis 1 + NT title + NT and Indexes, complete). (2) The Bible’s General Title leaf, dated, with several Whitall-Tatum family signatures. (3) First page and Title to Genesis 1, from the Whitall-Tatum Bible. (4) Certificate of Authenticity and a brief sketch of the Whitall and Tatum family structure in the mid to later 1900s. (5) Hannah Whitall Smith’s book “On the Rock” about her niece Alice Whitall, First Ed, 1870, with the signature therein of Mary C, Whitall. (6) Hannah Whitall Smith’s book “John M Whitall” about her father, First Ed, 1879. (7) Hannah Whitall Smith’s 1893 book “Every-Day Religion”, First Edition; and (8) Reprint: “Memoir of Mary Whitall (1885)” and Pamphlet “Ann C. Whitall, the Heroine of Red Bank”.

This Whitall-Tatum Collection tracks portions of the Whitall and Tatum families from c.1780-c.1880. Family signatures on the Bible’s General Title are: (1) Ann C[ooper] Whitall (1791-1822, daughter of James and Ann Whitall 1716-1797), to (2) Hannah W[hitall] Tatum (1797 or 1803-1848, Ann’s sister), to (3) Anna “Annie” M. Whitall (b.1834, daughter of Alice C. and Israel F. Whitall) as last known owner.

Of note: Ann C. and Hannah were sisters not only to Israel but to John M. Whitall (b.1800) the father of Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911), famed Holiness author and evangelist. Ann C[ooper]. Whitall’s grandmother of the same name (1716-1797) is famous for her “heroic” role at the Battle of Red Bank N.J. during the Revolutionary War. Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911, daughter of Mary Tatum and John M. Whitall – brother to Ann and Hannah and Israel) aka “Angel of the Churches” is famous as an early founder and leader/preacher/speaker/teacher/author in the Wesleyan Holiness Movement in England and the U.S. Her books are widely reprinted to this day.

New Testament is in FINE to EXCELLENT condition, exceptionally CLEAN and free of defects, as are the General Title and the Title to Genesis 1. FULL HEADINGS & MARGINS. (The paper for the first few editions were notoriously poor (US made paper, not imported), so a fine or better condition is the notable exception). Included Bifold Portfolios hold a premium leaf (Genesis 1) and a “gold leaf” COA. Also included: a written family History/Provenance.

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