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Story of Samson – 1643 – Set of 7 plates

Story of Samson


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STORY OF SAMSON. Set of 7 plates, complete. THIRD STATE, published 1643, numbered. Original design artist: Maarten de Vos (signature). Original engraver: Antonius Wierix (signature). Publisher: Nicholas Visscher (signature). Reference: New Hollstein 91.3-97.3 (de Vos). Overall, plates are reasonably clean with clear and sharp impressions, nicely detailed. Evident handling smudges about the lower and outer margins. Note the .75″ stain to Plate 7 at left edge of the plate; similar stain on verso. Some plates have a wrinkle at the center of the lower margin. Plates 11″ x 8.25-8.5″, uncut on laid paper, with wide margins 14″ x 11.5″. Plates numbered, with signatures all on Plate 1. Contemporaneous numbering 108-114 at upper right outer margin.  Engravings and COA set in 4 museum-quality portfolios (landscape).

Sold as a set only. Story from the Book of Judges, with Plate 7 depicting Samson’s iconic destruction of the pagan temple. COA on premium “gold leaf” paper with gold seal and signature.

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Third; note extended biblical citations.




New Hollstein 91.3-97.3 (de Vos)


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