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King James Bible Error

December 17, 2023  -  Comments 0
Did you know . . . That the first edition of the King James Bible was published in 1611?
And did you know . . . There were two separate issues in the 1611 edition, the uncorrected “He” issue and the corrected “She” issue.
■While there are hundreds of differences that were changed in the “She” edition (i.e. spelling and punctuation errors along with woodcut changes), Scholars characterize them as “He” and “She” by an error in Ruth 3:15
◇The “He” issue incorrectly states, “He went into the citie.”
◇The “She” issue correctly says “She” went into the citie.”
■There are 3 times as many “She” issues as “He” issues of the 1611 edition, which is why the “He” issue is worth more.

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