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The Tyndale Bible

December 17, 2023  -  Comments 0
It is well known that William Tyndale in 1525 published the first printed New Testament in the English language. Only three copies remain. Tyndale, for all his troubles, was martyred in 1536. Subsequent printings of his New Testament, in addition to Tyndale’s translation of many Old Testament books, were published by Thomas Matthew in 1537. This came a full 2 years after Miles Coverdale printed his own translation based on earlier Latin and German translations. This is why the first English Bible is called The Coverdale Bible, although Tyndale had nothing to do with it. Although not the rarest of Tyndale translations, the Tyndale-Matthew’s editions became the most popular and provided the basis for the Great Byble of 1539-1541. A few years ago, Historic Bibles & Engravings was able to obtain over a dozen leaves from the Tyndale-Matthew’s Bible of 1551. “

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