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When Chapters and Verses Began

December 17, 2023  -  Comments 0
Did you know. . .
That Chapter divisions first began to be used around 1200. Before that, Eusebian notations were often used to mark the beginning of stories in the Gospels. Verse divisions were first used in Stephanus’ 1550 Greek New Testament. Those verse divisions were followed, for the first time, in an English language New Testament printed in Geneva in 1557. Subsequently, the Geneva Bible of 1560 was the first to use verse divisions throughout the entire Bible. It only took a short time for the rest of the world to follow suit. The Great Byble (that’s how “Bible” was spelled back then) of 1540, did not yet have verse divisions. Search my website, not only for leaves from the 1540 Great Byble, but for leaves from the 1560 Geneva Bible mentioned above.

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