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Illuminated Manuscripts (c.1200 - c.1350)

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Bible manuscripts, hand-written on vellum (animal skin), are placed in beautiful, museum quality Portfolios, fully archival, with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) on premium “gold-leaf” paper with the Historic Bibles seal. The manuscript itself is easily reversible in order that both sides may be seen.

Portfolios, whether Bifold or Trifold, are covered in black linen cloth, with a burgundy silk moire lining, and archival sleeves. The cover is debossed in gold foil with the words: Original Historic Bible Leaf + Verbum Dei Manet Aeternum (= The Word of God Remains Forever), a Reformation moto.

Manuscripts, almost always in Latin, come in three sizes and two date ranges: 1200-1249, and 1250-1350. All are found here, but may also be found under “Trifold Portfolios” for small mss. or “Bifold Portfolios” for larger mss. To begin, select a Date RANGE in the RED box.

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