Biblia Sacra – 1480 MS – 1 KINGS 16-18 Manuscript on Paper


”Contest on Mt Carmel”


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1 KINGS 16:21-18:43. “Contest on Mount Carmel” (Ch 18). Rare, manuscript on paper (rather than vellum). Produced in Venice, Italy, c.1480. This manuscript, on fine watermarked linen rag paper, 8.25″ x 6.6″, replaced a missing leaf from an incunabula Bible printed by Franz Renner, in Italy, 1480. Reference: Goff B681. 2 RED initials, scrolling flair to headline, brown ink, rubricated throughout. FINE+ condition, nicely penned; slightly shaved upper edge; light ageing (see pics). Manuscript contains the story of Elijah’s triumph on Mt Carmel, the God of Israel displaying powers that the Canaanite god Baal could not muster. COA set in a museum-quality Bifold Portfolio. A RARE example of a late medieval manuscript on paper to complete a printed book.

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8.25" x 6.6"

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Biblia Sacra / 1480