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Parable of the Tares – 1568 – Set of 4 Plates

Parable of the Tares


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PARABLE OF THE TARES. SET of 4 plates, complete. FIRST STATE. Engraved in 1568 (see pl. 1), but is believed to be first published in 1579 and again in 1585 from the same 1579 run; hence the same State. Unnumbered. Original design artist: G. Groenning. Original engraver: J. Furnius. Original publisher: G. de Jode. Reference: New Hollstein 92.1-95.1 (Groenning). SUPERIOR condition. Unmounted. Full margins on laid paper, lightly toned. Numbered in pen above the plate line, upper right, 246-249. Each engraving size: 9.5″ x 8″. Full, uncut sheet: 13.5″ x 11″. Strong impressions. Richly detailed. This is perhaps the most sought-after set in the New Testament, with a strong auction history. Plates are set in four museum-quality FRAMES. Sold as a set only. This is the original, first, and complete set. Very Rare. This set has sold at auction, unframed, for up to $6000 (+ fees).

This set was partly exhibited at the Hallie Ford Museum, 2018, in conjunction with The Hexham Abbey Bible.

[Also available: Second State, Visscher edition (1643), uncut, NH 92.2-95.2, $2250, set in Landscape Portfolios. If not yet on this site, call Historic Bibles at 541-990-9919 for pictures and purchase details.] [Plate 1] Jesus Preaches from the Boat. [Plate 2] Satan Sowing the Darnell. [Plate 3] Ready for the Harvest. [Plate 4] Burning the Tares.

Engravings in this set are in museum-quality frames, 18″ x 14″, fully archival matting with UV glass, exactly as displayed in the “Holy Beauty” Exhibit at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, 2018. COA on premium “gold-leaf” paper with gold seal and signature, set in an Archival Booklet.

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