Biblia Sacra – 1475 – MARK 5-7


“True Purity”


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MARK 5:52-7:33. “True Purity”. RARE FIRST EDITION. Biblia Latina. Printed in Nuremburg by Anton Koberger, 1475. Folio, 15.7″ x 10.7″. With 2 Handpainted Capitals, in Red and Blue; rubricated throughout. Leaves are a beautiful creamy color, on very heavy vellum-like paper. COA on premium “gold leaf” paper. SUPERIOR condition (see pics). This rare edition is the FIRST of Koberger’s Bibles, the FIRST Bible printed in Nuremburg, the 18th printed Latin Bible, and the 23rd printed Bible — ever! Only 104 copies of this Bible are recorded extant!!

Text from Mark, the earliest Gospel c.70, includes programmatic stories that define Jesus’ ministry: his relationship to John the Baptist and to the Pharisees in particular. Against the latter, Jesus asserts that true purity come from within (7:14-23, echoed also in Paul’s Letter to the Romans Ch 2). For smaller incunabula leaves, see the several Biblia Sacra under “Bifold Portfolio”.

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Biblia Latina / 1475




15.7" x 10.7"